Ricoh TF-900

- camera
- original case
- battery

Serial number : 13247615
Stan : 9
Production period : 1987 - ?

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The Ricoh TF-900 is a late 80s compact camera with autofocus and a 35 mm lens, switchable to 70 mm through a button on the top. Its electronics are quite advanced for its time, with an information-rich LCD on the top, indicating number of exposures available, if the film is a DX coded one (and, if so, what speed), and if exposure compensation has been activated.
It has a continuous shooting mode, a self-timer and a backlight compensation button. The viewfinder indicates focusing zone using three symbols.

lens : 35mm 2.8 / 70mm 5.6
film : 35mm 64-1600 ASA
shutter : 1 - 1/500 s
work mode : auto
battery : CR-P2
flash : integrated
dimensions : 137 x 73 x 50 mm
weight : 320 g