Revue 35 CC

- camera
- case/box
- manual

Serial number : 259555
Stan : 9
Production period : 1980 - ?

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Revue 35CC (know also as Chinon Bellami) is a a compact 35mm camera introduced in 1980—perhaps as a response to the innovative Olympus XA. However rather than using a sliding lens cover, the Bellami has a distinctive "barn door" design (reminiscent of the Voigtländer Vitessa).

The barn door is opened by pulling out the film advance lever. External flash lamp is attached to right side of the camera body.

lens : 35mm, f/2.8
focus : manual
iso : 25 - 400
shutter : 1/8 to 1/1000s
flash : attached
battery : 2x LR44
weight : 230 g

Sample photos taken with this camera: