Petri 7s

- camera
- original case
- external finder
- UV filter

Serial number : 842124
Stan : 7
Production period : 1963 - 1976

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The Petri 7s was introduced by Petri in 1963 as a variant of the Petri 7 which was introduced in 1961. The main difference being an improved film advance lever and frame counter. It took 35mm film, had a coupled rangefinder, and an around-the-lens selenium cell light meter. Production ended in 1973.

Compared to its predecessor, the 7s is very advanced. It has ATL (around the lens) selenium metering with a match-needle visible both in the viewfinder as well as the top of the camera.

The 7s was available with either a 45mm f1.8 or f2.8 lens. The shutter had speeds up to 1/500, and the viewfinder used Petri's Green-o-Matic system.

Selftimer is not working in this particular copy.

lens : 45 mm F:2.8
shutter : 1 – 1/500 + B
work mode : manual& light meter
battery : none
lamp shoe : yes
dimensions : 132 × 79 × 72 mm
weight : 635g

Sample photos taken with this camera: