Olympus Pen EE

- the camera
- original case
- UV filter
- cap

Serial number : 506121
Stan : 8
Production period : 1961 - 1962

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The series of 35mm Olympus PEN half-frame cameras was designed in 1959 by Yoshihisa Maitani. They were the first half cameras produced in Japan, and also one of the smallest cameras on the 135 format film at the time.

PEN EE was put into production in 1961, has full automation of exposure and one focus point (fixed focus). It is a classic 'point and shoot' camera, it has a selenium light meter that controls the exposure parameters. The shutter has two times - 1/60 and 1/250 s.
The lens with a focal length of 28mm is characterized by brightness F3.5, with the smallest shutter with a value of 22.

Lens : 28mm f / 3.5
Film : 35mm 10-200 ASA
Shutter : 1/30 - 1 / 250s
Work mode : machine
Light meter : selenium

Sample photos taken with this camera: