Olympus AF-10

- camera

Serial number : 1730191
Stan : 8
Production period : 1991 - ?

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The Olympus AF-10 (Infinity Jr. in the US) of 1991 was a fully automatic 35mm compact camera, nicknamed "Picasso Mini Super" in Japan.

It is all-automatic point and shoot camera that takes care of things for you as a photographer, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: shooting.

It has same lens as classic Olympus MJU (Stylus) and very accurate auto-focus system. One of the best things about this camera is how responsive it is. Half press activates the camera to be ready to shoot near instantly.

lens : 35mm f/3.5
film : 35mm 50-1600 ASA
shutter : 1/45 - 1/400 s
work-mode : automatic
flash : integrated
battery : 2xAAA
dimensions : 117x63x46mm
weight : 210g