Olympus 35 ED

- camera
- original case
- batteries

Serial number : 25595
Stan : 6
Production period : 1974 - 1978

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The Olympus 35ED is a fully automatic 35mm rangefinder camera which is also the last member of the Olympus 35 series EE (electronic-eye, which simply means automatic exposure) cameras. After Olympus introduced the flagship 35SP (the first and only spot-meter equipped compact rangefinder in the world), it released a series of stripped-down models over the years until the introduction of the 35ED in 1974. In other words, the 35ED is a close relative (sharing similar bodies) of the shutter priority/manual exposure 35RC loved by many collectors and also a distant relative of battery-less Trip 35 (also EE/fully automatic but no rangefinder and a different body).

The offered copy has a minimal defect, the lamp informing about underexposure does not work.

lens : Olympus D-Zuiko 38 mm f2.8
film : 35mm 25-800 ASA
shutter : 4 - 1/800 s + B
work mode : auto
battery : 2x PX625/LR44 + adapter
hot-shoe : tak