Rangefinder cameras

249.00 zł

Olympus 35 ED
Years: 1974 - 1978
Condition: 6

The Olympus 35ED is a fully automatic 35mm rangefinder camera which is also the last member of the Olympus 35 series EE (electronic-eye, which simply means automatic exposure) cameras. After Olympus introduced the flagship 35SP (the first and only spot-meter equipped compact rangefinder in the world), it released a series of stripped-down models over the years until the introduction of the 35ED in 1974. In other words, the 35ED is a close relative (sharing similar bodies) of the shutter priority/manual exposure 35RC loved by many collectors and also a distant relative of battery-less Trip 35 (also EE/fully automatic but no rangefinder and a different body).

The offered copy has a minimal defect, the lamp informing about underexposure does not work.

329.00 zł

Olympus 35 RC
Years: 1970 - ?
Condition: 7

The Olympus 35RC seems like a trivial little rangefinder camera, however it's an astoundingly great performer. Not only does it perform magnificently, it's possibly the smallest 35mm rangefinder camera ever made with auto and manual exposure settings.

The Olympus 35RC provides a super-sharp 42mm f/2.8 lens, precise manual rangefinder focus, and amazingly accurate shutter-preferred automatic and manual exposures.