Compact cameras

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Lomo LC-M
Years: 1986 - 1987
Condition: 9

Vaery rare Lomo LC-A variant, only 1000 pieces produced in the years 86-87.
This model is basically inaccessible on the market and it is virtually impossible to find an working copy.

Compared to the LC-A, it has higher ISO 800 sensitivity, uses two LR / SR 44 batteries,and has only one diode in the viewfinder.

This copy is fully functional and preserved in the original condition.

The camera is equipped with a 3-lens wide-angle "Minitar-1" lens with a viewing angle of 63 ° and a brightness of 1: 2.8, allowing taking images from 80 cm to infinity. Automatically controlled shutter with range from 1/500 to 2 seconds, with battery type LR/SR 44. Flash synchronization time 1/60 sec with contact in ...

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Olympus MJU-1
Years: 1991 - ?
Condition: 7

The Olympus µ[mju:] (US: ∞ Stylus) was a fully automatic 35mm compact camera introduced by Olympus in 1991. Notably evolved by camera designer Maitani Yoshihisa from his Olympus XA design. It was very small and curvy, with an integrated lens cover. It is switched on by shifting the lens cover to one side. The Stylus was the first model in the hugely successful Olympus mju/Stylus series, selling 5 million on its own.

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Agfa Optima 1035 Sensor
Years: 1978 - 1982
Condition: 9

Agfa Optima Sensor 335 is of the highest models from the Optima Sensor series. It is a very nicely made, small compact camera.
It has an Agfa Solitar 40mm f/2.8 lens with three possibilities to set the focus zone.
A characteristic feature of the Sensor series is a very pleasant to use red magnetic release button. The shutter itself is a reliable Agfa Paratronic design with 1/30 - 1 /1000s.
One of the major advantages of the entire Optima Sensor line is the unusually large and bright viewfinder with the paradise correction markers.

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Canon MC
Years: 1984 - ?
Condition: 8

Canon MC (short for Micro Compact), a compact fully automatic point and shoot 35mm camera released by Canon in April 1984. The MC was conceived as an ultra portable camera to compete with models like the Olympus XA series, except it added the convenience of a motorized film wind and rewind in a body that was extremely small.

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Revue 35 FC
Years: 1984 - ?
Condition: 7

Revue 35 FC is styled in a manner suspiciously resembling the LOMO LC-A (or its inspiration, the Cosina CX-2). In contrast to the Cosina's rotating front panel, this one pops upwards to uncover the lens and align the viewfinder window with the eyepiece. While offering a built-in "autosensor" electronic flash, this is otherwise a more basic camera, with a fixed focus lens.

Every film speed setting is related to a fixed f-stop, the size of the diaphragm is observable in the lens when the shutter is not cocked. So there is no exposure metering done actually, but switching on the flashlight at insufficient light; batteries are only required for the flashlight. When the small shifter at the front side ...

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Revue 35 CC
Years: 1980 - ?
Condition: 9

Revue 35CC (know also as Chinon Bellami) is a a compact 35mm camera introduced in 1980—perhaps as a response to the innovative Olympus XA. However rather than using a sliding lens cover, the Bellami has a distinctive "barn door" design (reminiscent of the Voigtländer Vitessa).

The barn door is opened by pulling out the film advance lever. External flash lamp is attached to right side of the camera body.

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Edixa Compact 35E
Years: ? - ?
Condition: 7

The Edixa compact 35E is a viewfinder camera with automatic exposure. It was made by a company in Hong Kong which badged it "edixa". Maybe the company or its distributor had got the rights for this brand from the owners of the abandoned Wirgin company. The camera was styled almost alike the 1970s models of the budget viewfinder/rangefinder cameras of the renowned Japanese camera makers. The lens barrel frontside is like that of a Minolta Hi-Matic F, with ASA setting ring around the lens, ASA setting control window below the lens, CdS light sensor window above the lens, and all these elements within the filter thread.

This construction is similar to well known Konica C35.

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Minolta AF-C
Years: -
Condition: 8

Minolta AF-C is a very nice and very good little camera. It is completely automatic. The only thing the photographer sets manually is the ISO value of the used film. Exposure, shutter and focus are all regulated by the camera. The AF-C always did a good job, pictures are of outstanding quality, also due to the high-quality, 6-element Minolta 35mm f/2.8 lens.

The AF-C is being activated by sliding down the lenscap similar to Cosina CX-2. Two LED's inside the viewfinder indicate correct focus or low light.

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Lomo Smena 8M
Years: 1970 - 1995
Condition: 7

Smiena 8M - a Soviet 35mm compact camera, produced in the years 1970-1995 by Lomo, a de facto modernized technologically and aesthetically Smiena 8 camera.

Smiena 8M is a simple, manual viewfinder without a rangefinder, light meter or self-timer. The camera body is made of plastic with decorative metal elements, and the lens housing is made of light metal.

Focusing is done manually on the basis of a scale on the lens, equipped with auxiliary graphic symbols. The exposure is set entirely by hand, using a simple system that facilitates the proper selection of exposure parameters: the aperture is set according to the sensitivity of the used film (from 1: 4 for 13 DIN / 16 GOST to 1:16 for ...

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Revue 130C
Years: -
Condition: 7

Simple compact camera produced by Revue, has integrated flash and rare 33mm focal length.

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Ricoh FF-1
Years: 1978 - ?
Condition: 7

The Ricoh FF-1 is a scale-focusing, programmed exposure camera made by Ricoh from 1978. It features a folding lens cover similar to the Minox 35 series cameras.

It has a quite fast F2.8 four element Tessar-type 35mm lens. Electronically controlled shutter has a wide range of work starting from 2 to 1/500s.

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Kiev 35A *Fabric NEW*
Years: 1985-1991
Condition: 10

The Kiev 35A is a compact minature 35 mm camera with a fixed lens. It was manufactured by Arsenal in Ukraine (formerly part of the USSR) between 1985 and 1991. It's a direct copy of the Minox 35 EL that became a popular camera for inconspicious photography during the Cold War.

It has a Korsar 35mm/f2.8 lens and automatic exposure with shutter speeds up to 1/500 sec, similar to the specifications of the Minox 35 EL.

The camera is nearly identical to the Minox 35 EL, including the iconic red shutter button at the top.
Clamshell construction protects the lens when not in use. Hardly bigger than two boxes of film, this camera can be easily carried anywhere.