Compact cameras

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Revue 35 FC
Years: 1984 - ?
Condition: 7

Revue 35 FC is styled in a manner suspiciously resembling the LOMO LC-A (or its inspiration, the Cosina CX-2). In contrast to the Cosina's rotating front panel, this one pops upwards to uncover the lens and align the viewfinder window with the eyepiece. While offering a built-in "autosensor" electronic flash, this is otherwise a more basic camera, with a fixed focus lens.

Every film speed setting is related to a fixed f-stop, the size of the diaphragm is observable in the lens when the shutter is not cocked. So there is no exposure metering done actually, but switching on the flashlight at insufficient light; batteries are only required for the flashlight. When the small shifter at the front side ...

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Revue 35 CC
Years: 1980 - ?
Condition: 9

Revue 35CC (know also as Chinon Bellami) is a a compact 35mm camera introduced in 1980—perhaps as a response to the innovative Olympus XA. However rather than using a sliding lens cover, the Bellami has a distinctive "barn door" design (reminiscent of the Voigtländer Vitessa).

The barn door is opened by pulling out the film advance lever. External flash lamp is attached to right side of the camera body.

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Revue 130C
Years: -
Condition: 7

Simple compact camera produced by Revue, has integrated flash and rare 33mm focal length.

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Revue 300C
Years: ? - ?
Condition: 7

This compact camera is a clone of a Regula Picca C.
The construction of the camera is anodised aluminium and mostly plastic, the leatherette texture on the camera is molded plastic. This model has a fake selenium light meter cell panel on the front, this may be a purely aesthetic choice to keep the models looking consistent.