Compact cameras

99.00 zł

Pentax Pino 35
Years: 1984 - ?
Condition: 9

Pentax Pino 35 is a plastic fixed focus compact 35mm camera with built in flash from Pentax. First model in the Pentax Pino series.

This model was first produced in 1984. It has limited features. The user sets the film speed and then selects either one of 3 pictograms for light level (Sunny, Cloudy Sun or cloudy) or on the same ring the distance for flash use by 3 pictograms (bust-size, half-length or full length portrait). There is a battery powered CdS metering but this only warns the user of too low light in viewfinder and does not lock the red shutter button in low light. Viewfinder is basic with no markers.

Flash has to be manually activated by red ...