Compact cameras

149.00 zł

Minolta GF Hi-Matic
Years: -
Condition: 7

Minolta GF Hi was introduced to the market in 1984 as the last model from the Hi-Matic series
It is a very light (214 g) compact camera with 38mm F: 4 lens and 46mm filter thread.
It offers 4-step zonal focusing and 3 shutter modes described in pictograms. The camera has one shutter speed 1/100 sec. And a built-in battery-powered light meter informs by means of a red LED in the viewfinder about the possible low exposure of the photo.

249.00 zł

229.00 zł

Minolta AF-C
Years: -
Condition: 8

Minolta AF-C is a very nice and very good little camera. It is completely automatic. The only thing the photographer sets manually is the ISO value of the used film. Exposure, shutter and focus are all regulated by the camera. The AF-C always did a good job, pictures are of outstanding quality, also due to the high-quality, 6-element Minolta 35mm f/2.8 lens.

The AF-C is being activated by sliding down the lenscap similar to Cosina CX-2. Two LED's inside the viewfinder indicate correct focus or low light.

249.00 zł

Minolta AF-E
Years: 1984 - ?
Condition: 8

In 1984 Minolta presented its fully automatic compact camera Minolta AF-E. In Minolta's 1984 line-up (consisting of the AF-C, AF-S and AF-Sv), it was the "people's camera", with easy loading, automatic flash and a less advanced 1:3.5 f=35mm lens, focused by an active infrared autofocus system. It used DX-coded 35mm film with speeds ISO 100 to 1000. It had automatic exposure and automatic motorized film transport with a mechanical automatic frame counter. The built-in flash was activated automatically in low-light situations by the photo-diode-controlled exposure system. The camera had a reverse Galilean bright frame viewfinder.

Though looking dated now, the AF-E received Japan's "Good Design Award". A limited edition in silver with black accents was also released.

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