Minolta Hi-Matic E

- camera
- lens cap
- batteries
- wrist strap

Serial number : 518053
Stan : 7
Production period : 1971 - ?

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The Minolta HI-Matic E is a mechanical rangefinder camera from 1971, with sharp light lens Rokkor 40/1.7 metallic body and automatic exposure which is perfect for traveling and reportage.

This camera is similar to Yashica Electro 35, Canonet QL17 or Konica C35. It is fitted with a beautifully sharp lens ROKKOR 40 mm/ f 1.7. This is a fully automatic camera, you set the film speed and focus.

lens : Rokkor-QF 40mm 1:1.7
film : 35mm 25-500 ASA
shutter : 2 seconds-1/1000 s
work mode : auto
battery : 2x PX625/LR44
hot-shoe : tak
weight : 567g