Minolta AL-F

- camera

Serial number : 803705
Stan : 8
Production period : 1967 - ?

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Minolta AL-F from 1967 is a small and very elegant camera with rangefinder, automatic exposure (time priority) and Rokkor lens 38 mm with brightness of 1: 2.7 (4 lenses in 3 groups, filter diameter: 46 mm).

Shutter speed is set in the range from 1/30 to 1/500 second, and the camera selects the aperture. What is very important, pressing the button halfway (to the first noticeable resistance) causes the exposure to be blocked - as in modern digital cameras.

The AL series were sold in parallel with the more advanced rangefinders of the Hi-Matic series, but although advertised as simpler, they are made just as precisely as Hi-Matics. Minolta AL-F has a very compact and solid construction, almost all external elements are metal, and several dozen years old copies look great.

Lens : Rokkor 38 mm f / 2.7
Shutter : Seiko 1/30 - 1 / 500s
Work mode : time priority
ISO : 25-500
Dimensions : 128/85/60 mm
Battery : PX 625