Minolta AF-C

- camera
- original case
- belt

Serial number : 1009953
Stan : 8
Production period : -

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Minolta AF-C is a very nice and very good little camera. It is completely automatic. The only thing the photographer sets manually is the ISO value of the used film. Exposure, shutter and focus are all regulated by the camera. The AF-C always did a good job, pictures are of outstanding quality, also due to the high-quality, 6-element Minolta 35mm f/2.8 lens.

The AF-C is being activated by sliding down the lenscap similar to Cosina CX-2. Two LED's inside the viewfinder indicate correct focus or low light.

lens : Minolta 35 mm f/2.8
autofocus : yes
mode : auto
film : 35mm 25-400 ASA
shutter : 1/8–1/430 s
battery : 4 x 1,5 v LR44
dimensions : 43x68x105 mm
weight : 220 g

Sample photos taken with this camera: