Lomo Smena Symbol GOLD

- camera
- original case

Serial number : 88244301
Stan : 8
Production period : 1973 - 1993

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A very rare version equipped with a gold lens and gold finish of other elements of the camera.

Smena Symbol is a model produced since 1971. It drew a lot from both the SL variant and the 8m variant. Smena Symbol from its predecessors inherited only the lens, because you do not have to change what is good.

The construction changes made Smena Symbol a very convenient and extremely popular tool for amateur photographers. This is evidenced by the fact that in the period when Smena Symbol was produced in the LOMO factory, in the years 1973 - 1993, almost 4.2 million units of these devices were sold.

Main improvements:

- quick tension lever of the film, the predecessor had a knob.

- the film tension with the shutter tension is now coupled, so far in the Cmehna the film and the shutter were separately pulled.

- the handle for rewinding the film, previously it was the knob.

- 'hot foot' flash connection.

- the button for releasing the lock of the teeth to roll up the film, before it was necessary to keep the shutter release button pressed.

Lens : tryplet T-43, 40 mm f / 4
Viewing angle : 57 'width
Shutter : 1/15 s - 1/250 s, B
Dimensions : 125x80x62 mm
Weight : 358 g