Lomo Smena SL Rapid

- camera
- oroginal case

Serial number : 7661989
Stan : 9
Production period : 1968 - 1977

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Smena SL is a model produced in the years 1968-1977. Initially produced as Smena Rapid, it quickly got called SL.

The camera was by far the most interesting model offered. The set exposure time was visible not only on the lens, but also on the top of the camera, where there was a "display" which showed in green whether the exposure is selected for an ugly or nice weather (the same symbols as in the later model 8m, which he inherited also a shutter after SL). On the top of the body there was a modern frame counter, which automatically clears after opening the back flap. This flap was equipped with a diary of film sensitivity.

Most importantly, for the first time in Smena, the shutter's tension was coupled with the film's movement. Thanks to this solution, there was no accidental double exposure of the same frame, which often troubled users of other models. The trigger was at the front of the camera like in the first Smena's, but it was large, making it easier to access.

It uses Rapid cassettes, allowing you to take 12 photos. Agfa Rapid and Orwo SL are the only films that supported such a solution at that time. However, they were difficult to access in the Soviet Union. As a result, the camera did not enjoy such huge sales as neighboring models - it was produced in the number of 600 thousand copies.

The Rapid / Orwo SL cartridges are still available for purchase on the secondary market. We can load such a cassette around 80 - 100 cm length of an ordinary negative type 135 (of course, we do it in the darkness :)).

Lens : 40 mm F4
Shutter : 1/15 - 1/250 s + B
Operating mode : manual