Lomo Smena 8M

- camera
- original case

Serial number : 89177072
Stan : 10
Production period : 1970 - 1995

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Smiena 8M - a Soviet 35mm compact camera, produced in the years 1970-1995 by Lomo, a de facto modernized technologically and aesthetically Smiena 8 camera.

Smiena 8M is a simple, manual viewfinder without a rangefinder, light meter or self-timer. The camera body is made of plastic with decorative metal elements, and the lens housing is made of light metal.

Focusing is done manually on the basis of a scale on the lens, equipped with auxiliary graphic symbols. The exposure is set entirely by hand, using a simple system that facilitates the proper selection of exposure parameters: the aperture is set according to the sensitivity of the used film (from 1: 4 for 13 DIN / 16 GOST to 1:16 for 25 DIN / 250 GOST) and the time of exposure selected according to graphical weather symbols (from 1/250 s for sun to 1/15 s for rain).

The camera is equipped with a coated T-43 lens (Cook's triplet) with a focal length of 40 mm and a brightness of 1: 4, which has very good optical parameters. A tri-sector sector shutter placed behind the lens is tensioned completely independent of film rewinding - it allows for multiple exposure, but there is also a threat for unintended re-exposure of the image. A PC synchronization socket is located on the lens housing - synchronization of the electronic flash is possible at all shutter speeds, and the flashing light is only set at 1/15 s and B.

Smena 8m was even more successful than 8 and achieved such huge sales that it went to the Guinness Book of Records. A total of 21 million copies were sold!

Lens : tryplet T-43, 40 mm f / 4
Viewing angle : 57 'width
Shutter : 1/15 s - 1/250 s, B