Lomo Smena 8

- camera
- neopren case

Serial number : 2051
Stan : 8
Production period : 1963 - 1971

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Smena 8 appeared on sale in 1963.
This camera had one important change for the amateur photographers in comparison to previous models.
All previous Smena's did not have the option of rolling the film back into the cassette.
The film was transported from the cassette to the cassette, so taking out the film was more difficult.
Smena 8 was the first to have the film rewind knob.

Smene 8 was widely sold throughout Europe, especially in the countries of USSR until 1971. It was one of the most popular Smena models. On western Europe market, Smiena was produced under the name Cosmic 35.

Lens : 40 mm F4
Shutter : 1/15 - 1/250 s + B
Operating mode : manual