Lomo Smena 35

- camera
- 2 neopren cases
- rangefinder

Serial number : 92531950
Stan : 9
Production period : 1990 - 1993

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Smena 35 is the last model from the Smena series produced by Lomo. It is a direct successor of the legendary Smena 8M with a strongly redesigned, more modern look. It was produced in the early 90s in a total of about 800,000 pieces.
It has 4 shutter speeds + time B, shutter range 4 - 16. An interesting fact is the possibility of multiple exposures due to the fact that film travel is not coupled with the shutter tension.

Set includes an external rangefinder, also produced by Lomo. It allows you to specify the distance from the object and later set the desired distance on the lens.

Lens : ЛОМО (LOMO) T-43 (Triplet) 40mm f/4
Film : 35mm 25-400 ASA
Shutter : 1/15-1/250 +B
Operatin mode : manual
Hot shoe : tak
Weight : 190 g

Sample photos taken with this camera: