Lomo LC-A *Factory NEW*

- camera
- original case
- manual
- strap

Serial number : 88104283
Stan : 10
Production period : 1984 - 1994

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Lomo ŁK-A (Lomo LC-A) - a brand of Soviet cameras manufactured since 1984 by the precision optics factory OAO Lomo from Leningrad.

A characteristic feature of the ŁK-A (Łomo-Kompakt-Automat) model was its low price, small dimensions of 107 × 68 × 43.5 mm, low weight of 250 g and uncomplicated operation, which was enabled by an electronically controlled shutter coupled with the exposure metering system.
Settings were limited to setting the distance and sensitivity of the film. Thanks to these features, Łomo managed to sell over 250,000 pieces of the camera, the production of which was abandoned in the late 1980s.

The camera was equipped with a 3-lens wide-angle "Minitar-1" lens with a viewing angle of 63 ° and a brightness of 1: 2.8, allowing taking images from 80 cm to infinity. Automatically controlled shutter with range from 1/500 to 2 seconds, with battery type LR/SR 44. Flash synchronization time 1/60 sec with contact in the saddle at the top of the camera. 1/4 inch tripod thread. The automatic exposure works with film range 25-400 ASA.

The ŁK-A design was heavily modeled on the Japanese Cosina CX-1.

The particular camera is fabric new, manual with sale confirmation from 80's is included.

Lens : Minitar-1 35mm F1: 2.8
Viewing angle : 63 'width
ISO : 25-400
Shutter : 2 - 1 / 500s
Dimensions : 107 × 68 × 43.5 mm
Weight : 250g
Battery : LR44