Halina Panorama F

- the camera
- box
- papers

Serial number : 000
Stan : 9
Production period : ? - ?

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Halina Panorama F is a simple plastic fixed focus camera manufactured by Haking.
The same construction was also sold under other brands such as Revue, Hanimex.
The camera is illuminated by a horizontal strip on a negative size of 13x36mm, which in combination with a 28mm wide-angle lens creates a panoramic image.
It is powered by two AAA batteries and has a built-in flash.

lens : 28mm fixed focus F: 11
film : Panorama 1: 2.7 100-400 ASA
shutter : 1 / 125s
work mode : machine
flash : built-in lamp
light meter : CdS EV 8-17
2x AAA battery :

Sample photos taken with this camera: