Fed Mikron

- camera
- original case
- lens cap

Serial number : 7710428
Stan : 8
Production period : 1967 - 1985

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FED Mikron (ФЭД Микрон) is a half-frame camera manufactured in the USSR in 1967-85 in a total of about 110,000 pieces.
It is also known under the name FED-30, it is a copy of Konica EYE from the same period.
It has a full automation of exposure controlled by a selenium and no battery requiring light meter located on the lens.
The lens is very bright Helios-89 30mm / f1.9, the shutter has a wide range of times 1/30 to 1 / 800s and also a bulb time.

lens : Helios-89 30mm f / 1.9 lens film
shutter : 1 / 30-1 / 800 s + B
work mode : machine
light meter : selenium
weight : 445 g

Sample photos taken with this camera: