Canon Canonet 28

- camera
- belt

Serial number : G57521
Stan : 7
Production period : 1971- 1976

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The Canon rangefinder is considered a truncated version of the legendary Canonet QL17 with a darker 40mm f / 2.8 lens.
It has full automatic exposure with shutter speed in the range 1/30 - 1/600 s (the selected time is indicated by the marker in the viewfinder). It is also possible to manually control the aperture in the f2.8 - f.16 range using an external flash, the shutter speed is then constant and has the value of 1/30 s.

Canonet 28 achieved considerable popularity after using it in the film 'Pecker', in which it was the beloved camera of the main character, it is a pretty good movie directed by John Waters.

lens : 40 mm F: 2.8
film : 35mm 25-400 ASA
shutter : 1/30 - 1/620 s
work mode : time priority
viewfinder : 0.6X, parallax correction
light meter : CdS EV 8-17
battery : 1.35V PX625
lamp shoe : yes
dimensions : 125x75x61 mm
weight : 550g

Sample photos taken with this camera: