Belomo Vilia Auto

- camera
- original case
- lens cap

Serial number : 2495458
Stan : 9
Production period : 1973 - 1986

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The iconic compact camera from the BeLOMO factory. Produced in 1973-1986!

It has a hot flash foot, short-throw film lever, self-resetting frame counter film sensitivity diary, front trigger and lens with maximum aperture f4 and 40 mm focal length - Triplet 69-3.

Vilie is primarily distinguished by a viewfinder with a frame border mark and a parallax error, also showing the selected aperture.

Lens : Triplet-69-3 (ТРИППЕТ) 40mm f / 4
Shutter : 1/30 -1/250 + B
Operating mode : automatic
Flash foot : yes
Light Meter : selenium