Belomo Czajka 2

- camera
- original case

Serial number : 249898
Stan : 9
Production period : 1967-1972

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A series of simple, well-made half-frame cameras (18 x 24mm) produced by MMZ (later known as BeLOMO).
The name was probably given in honor of the first cosmonaut Walentyna Wladimirowa Tiereszkowa ("Czajka" is the code pseudonym of the entire space operation, in which the woman took part).
All Czajka's were neat compacts, equipped with a decent shutter with five exposure times (1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, B) with a synchronization socket, as well as an Industar-69 2.8 / 28 lens.

Lens : Industar-69 (ИНДУСТАР) 28mm f / 2.8
Shutter : 1/30 -1/250 + B
Work mode : manual