Agfa Optima Sensor Flash

- camera
- original case

Serial number : 303057
Stan : 9
Production period : 1981 - 1983

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The Agfa Optima Sensor Electronic Flash is the fifth model from the Optima Sensor Electronic series, and features a built-in, flip-up electronic flash. It was introduced in 1981 and probably produced until 1983, when Agfa ceased camera production.

Like other Optima Sensor Electronic models, the camera features:

- zone focus lens, and a fully automatic exposure system with no manual override.
- Paratronic shutter, electromagnet Sensor shutter release, unique film loading system, and reversible wind crank.

Lens : Agfa Solitar 40mm f/2.8
Shutter : Paratronic 1/45 - 1/1000 s
Work mode : auto
ISO : 25 - 500 Lamp shoe
Weight : 329 g