Agfa Optima 335 Sensor

- camera
- original case

Serial number : 9385
Stan : 9
Production period : 1978 - 1982

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Agfa Optima Sensor 335 is the second after the '200' basic model from the Optima Sensor series produced in 1978. It is a very nicely made, small compact camera.
It has an Agnatar 40mm f3.5 lens with three possibilities to set the focus zone.
A characteristic feature of the Sensor series is a very pleasant to use red magnetic release button. The shutter itself is a reliable Agfa Paratronic design with 1/30 - 1 / 300s.
One of the major advantages of the entire Optima Sensor line is the unusually large and bright viewfinder with the paradise correction markers.

Lens : Agnatar 40mm F: 3.5
Shutter : Paratronic 1/30 - 1/300 s
Work mode : auto
ISO : 25 - 500 Lamp shoe
Weight : 276 g
Dimensions : 104 x 69 x 56 mm

Sample photos taken with this camera: